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A ball is thrown downward with an initial velocity of 6 m/s. Another ball just dropped from the same height. Which ball has a larger acceleration? Assume negligible air resistance. a. The thrown ball. b. The dropped ball. c. Both have the same acceleration. d. The answer depends on the height where the balls are released or thrown. 9. A kicked soccer ball has an initial velocity of 25 meters per second at an angle of 40.° above the horizontal, level ground. [Neglect friction.] 62 Calculate the magnitude of the vertical component of the ball’s initial velocity. [Show all work, including the equation and substitution with units.] [2] A ball is thrown with initial speed of 30 m/s at angle of 45 degrees. Assume ball is thrown from ground level and lands at ground level. Time of flight is 4.3 sec, maximum height is 22.95 m and ...