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Regular Expression Grammars. See problem 3.1.4. Regular expressions over Σ are actually defined by a CFG. We use additional terminals {(,),*,∪,∅}. According to Proof: Take an automaton (NFA or DFA) M = (K,Σ,δ,s,F) for the Language. The grammar, G, is constructed as follows: non-terminals = K.May 12, 2004 · Constructing am equivalent NFA from a given Right Linear Grammar . Right linear grammar NFA. 1. starting symbol S starting state S. 2. each non-terminal Ai each state Ai. 3. Create a Accepting state F 4. Regular Expression to NFA (Non-Deterministic Finite Automata) Visualize the Thompson-McNaughton-Yamada construction NFA for a given regular expression. The subset construction algorithm is also applied to the resultant NFA, resulting in a language-equivalent deterministic finite-state automata (DFA).