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Once they complete this diagnostic, they're able to to practice on personalized PSAT/SAT tests provided by Khan Academy. I know that many of us haven't taken the SAT yet, and I want to give your child a way to prepare for this significant milestone. This tool provided by Khan Academy is PERFECT way to prepare. Hello Andrew! My name is Lisa Krueger and I am a Khan Academy Ambassador teaching in Chicago. I am sorry to hear you are so frustrated with the site. Can you please explain what unit test you are referring to and why you have to put in fake answers? I'm sure together we can get the issue resolved. Thank you for posting.Free student math practice. Change answer; Math The PLATO answer key is accessible online when the unit test screen is open. Go to View Answer Key in the unit test screen, and either view the answers online or print them off. Occasionally, pop-up blockers make viewing unit tests or answer keys online difficult, so turn them off if necessary. Are PLATO Answer Keys Available Online? - Reference