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Neato Botvac (For Pets and Allergies) View on Amazon. Another Neato made robotic vacuum cleaner. This one has different stats than the other one. It’s flat on the front part which helps with cleaning the sides of the walls. It’s still able to sneak under furniture and not bump into stuff. The most interesting feature is the 2 modes that it has. Rivern Frostwind offers three repeatable quests. Each turn-in awards 50 reputation. A total of 840 turn-ins are required to get the mount (764 turn-ins, however, is required by humans). UPDATE As of Patch 2.0.1, each turn-in provides 75 reputation at level 60. Therefore, compared to the old rate, you get 3 turn-ins for the cost of 2 quests... Neato Botvac Connected Series robots ONLY support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. The Neato app automatically shows you only 2.4GHz wireless networks This is how the wire going from my switch to the AP's is configured: - VLAN 5 is tagged on my switch and used for my office WLAN (where the...