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gen_random_uuid, Fonctions UUID, ... paramètre de configuration enable_bitmapscan, Configuration de la méthode du planificateur ... postgres, Concepts ... SELECT gen_random_uuid(); gen_random_uuid ----- 25e02793-80c0-438c-be07-c94b966c43ab. The function is useful for generation of unique values of the UUID type in distributed systems. Formerly, we had to use the uuid-ossp or pgcrypto library. min_scale and trim_scale for values of type numeric Author: Thomas Munro <[email protected]> 2020-03-16 [b09ff5366] Simplify the effective_io_concurrency setting. Change the way non-default effective_io_concurrency values affect concurrency (Thomas Munro) Previously, this value was adjusted before setting the number of concurrent requests. The value is now used directly.