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For a function that models a relationship between two quantities, interpret key features of graphs and tables in terms of the quantities and sketch graphs showing key features given a verbal description of the relationship. Key features include: intercepts; intervals where the function is increasing, decreasing, positive or negative.  F -IF 5. Sketching a Function's Graph from a Verbal Description By understanding the attributes of a function, you can sketch a graph from a verbal description. Example 1 Sketch a graph of the following verbal descriptions. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted to humans by ticks. When an infected tick bites a human, the probability of How to sketch graphs, how to sketch some basic or common graphs, examples and step by step solutions. The following are sketches of the graphs of the functions in the form y = axn + c , where n = -2, -1, 1, 2 and 3. Take note of their general shapes and positions in relation to the x-axis and y-axis.'verbal scratchpad'). A visuospatial form of working memory is also recognized (the 'visuospatial sketch- pad') with a corresponding short-term visuospatial, rather than verbal, 'buffer'. Such psychologically de- rived models have theoretical and descriptive use but