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Tool kits and inserts can be ordered from Rotunda by calling 1-800 Rotunda (768-8632). Ford notes: This is the only Ford authorized procedure for spark plug Ford notes: This procedure is authorized for ESP repairs and retail repairs.5 Miscellaneous auto parts. 5.1 Air conditioning system (A/C). 5.2 Bearings. 5.3 Hose. 5.4 Other miscellaneous parts. 6 See also. 7 References. A/C Kit. A/C Relay.The spark plug is a critical component in a car's ignition system, creating the spark needed to ignite the fuel for combustion. It also serves an important secondary role as a heat dissipater, transferring heat to the car's cooling system. A Dirty, worn-out, or misfiring Ford spark plug will lower the car's fuel...