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Jan 17, 2020 · Cant wait till this is back in stock! Ordering immediately. Also switching all my Hikvision over to Unifi Protect. I've been running a Ubiquiti network for the past few years an absolutely love their products and the company. I am also very impressed with their new Unifi Protect suite and the... UniFi Talk and UniFi Access — Be Cautious. UniFi Talk is Ubiquiti’s VoIP software. The 1st generation had three different models of VoIP phones, the UVP, UVP-Pro and UVP-Executive. You can read more about the various models in this data sheet. The current 2nd generation only consists of one model, the UVP-Touch. There is not much ... The next-generation VoIP solution managed by the Talk Controller. Submit an RMA request for your Ubiquiti device. Community. Get in touch with the Uniquiti Support team.Free Course: Here's What This Ubiquiti UniFi Stuff Is All About 15 August 2017. Last year, I got fed up with my wifi. The coverage was patchy, the devices were unstable (my speed would regularly drop to less than 2Mbps until I restarted the router) and even though it was new gear, it felt just like the gear I'd had a decade ago.